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Visiting hours

Visiting hours


We have scheduled visiting hours to ensure that you and other patients have adequate rest, and they are as follows:

For ward:

Morning: 1100 AM To 100 PM & Evening: 5.00 PM to 800 PM

The Reception issues two passes - one 24 Hours Pass and one Visitors Pass at the time of admission. This pass has to be validated every 3rd day by sister-in-charge of concerned Department where the patient is admitted or Public Relation Officer / Administrator.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Do not bring flowers to the hospital.
  • Visitors under 12 years are not allowed to enter the ward or any another inpatient area as they are sensitive to infections.
  • Do not bring outside food inside premises.
  • Please do not keep any valuable things like Cash, Mobile, Jewellery and Personal Documents in the patient room. In case of loss of personal belongings, Lifeline Hospital will not be responsible.
  • Please do not forget room unattended while the patient is gone even in the washroom.
  • Please do not converse in a noisy voice as it can upset other patients and visitors as well.
  • Please do not talk and trust any medical information regarding patient except it is from the treating consultant.
  • Patients/Families may tell the Doctor/Nurses about any Special Preferences, Religious or Cultural needs.
  • Smoking / Tobacco chewing is banned by law throughout the Hospital.
  • No Photography is allowed inside the Hospital premises.
  • Patients Information Enquiries
  • If you have not informed your relatives and friends of your whereabouts in the Hospital, the Enquiry Staff at the counter will be able to assist them in locating the ward you are in.
  • Alternatively, they can also call our Enquiry Desk at Telephone NO. +91-020-24373196
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