Pawar Multispeciality Hospital & Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd Dhankawadi Pune - 411043. 




We use 4-D Sonography to diagnose the fetel anomalies and different type of pathologies in obstetrics and gynecology as well as tumours in the body.

MRI Scan

We perform MRI tests in the patient-friendly environment without claustrophobia with good quality digital images with a laser camera. The scanner itself resembles a large tube with a table in the middle, allowing the patient to slide in and out quickly. We produce images of brain spine. Also, it is useful in various studies in the field of Neurology as well as MRI Angio MRCP and other studies.


Our doctor performs an electrocardiogram which is also called an EKG or ECG. We use this technique to check the signs of heart disease. It is a test that reads the electrical activity of the ticker by small electrode pieces that a practitioner connects to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs.

We use this test to:

  • Check your heart rhythm
  • Poor blood flow to your heart muscle
  • Diagnose a heart attack
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