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Emergency Casualty

Emergency Casualty


The dedicated Pawar Multispeciality Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Pune for Emergency Casualty Cases.

The Department of Emergency Medical Services is the major pillar of Pawar Hospital Pune. We provide round the clock medical services for all critical patients. We have well-equipped emergency unit stuffed with all modular medical life saving amenities.

Our highly dedicated team of Emergency physicians and nurses endeavour to provide medical care at earliest possible time. Our bedded emergency department serves their dependents, associated company employees and non-employees.

Under the guidance of a highly skilled team of emergency care providers we deliver round the clock care and compassion for every critical patient.

Medical emergency center Dhankwadi Pune has its own network of Ambulances to transport adult and pediatric patients within the Golden Hour. In Emergency Medical case, Golden Hour is the time period after traumatic injury which is very small duration, i.e., three hours or less based on the injury and the patient health and has a high possibility of saving a patient life by providing prompt medical treatment. The chances of patient’s survival are high if they receive prompt care after a severe injury.

We have the Emergency Department which includes an Operation Theatre especially dedicated to perform emergency procedures and an isolation room for the management of infectious patients.

Available Emergency Medical Treatments

  • Facilities (machines and tests)
  • ECG Tracing & Interpretation
  • Arterial Blood gas Analysis
  • Airway management with Ventilatory Support
  • Bed Side Monitors with Piped Oxygen supply
  • Basic Life Support (BSL)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ACLS)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  • Defibrilation & cardioversion
  • Non invasive ventilator support
  • Capillary blood glucose estimation
  • Capillary blood glucose estimation
  • Wound management primary care for burns
  • Expert management of all medical & surgical emergencies
  • Management of animal & snake bites
  • Management of medical-legal cases
  • Emergency Ambulance Services

Emergency Services


Spontaneous abortion: It is the medical emergency occurred due to vaginal bleeding before 2 weeks of gestation. The condition may result into a non-induced fatal death.

Traumatic brain injury: It is the medical emergency occurred due to vaginal bleeding before 2 weeks of gestation. The condition may result into a non-induced fatal death.

Heart attack: It is serious medical emergency in which the blood supply to the heart is blocked due to formation of a blood clot. The patient feels tightness and pain in the chest.

Trauma: Accidents or falls leads to intense damage to various parts of the body. In such cases emergency medical treatment is necessary to avoid the major loss.

Respiratory Failure: Respiratory system brings the oxygen inside and removes the carbon-di-oxide from the blood. In respiratory failure there is impairment in this system and may lead to life-threatening situation.

Bone fractures: It is a medical emergency in which the patient undergoes immense pain and trauma due to continuous stress on the broken bone.



  • Why Choose Us
  • 24 hour emergency care
  • Excellent and experienced doctors
  • World-class infrastructure with advanced technologies
  • Streamlined treatment procedures
  • Innovative treatment approach
  • Personalized care with high precision

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