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Physiotherapy Treatment

How to Manage Most Common Sports Injuries with Physiotherapy?


Participating in sports may vary from a tennis match with one of the high school friend to Olympics or World Championship. Playing an outdoor game is a fantastic way of exercising it clears the stress, boosts fitness, and keeps the mind happy and healthy. Also, it keeps the body fit-n-fine both mentally and physically. But sometimes the fun of sports becomes one of the severe injuries. Such injuries would result in the complete distraction of the entertainment itself and would also hamper the performance of the player. Most players take injuries as a part of the sports activity.

The chances of getting injuries grow more prominently with age. It affects the muscle strength. In such conditions, it becomes hard for the athletes to participate in athletic activities.

One cannot avoid getting damaged by any means, but the person can undoubtedly correct those injuries with physiotherapy. Here are some of the common injuries and their remedies as:

  • Ankle Sprain : An ankle sprain transpires when one turns or rolls over the ankle which can create bruising and tearing. Such injuries in the ankle influence the ligaments of the foot. One can treat such damages with RICE treatment by reducing the swelling and pain. RICE denotes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. If signs persist for a long time then one must discuss the matter with a trained physiotherapist to improve, lessen the risks of returning and avoid chronic problems.
  • Lower Back Pain : Many athletes endure lower back pain at some point, and the considerations behind this can be recurring. In some cases, the patient feels pain while lifting or moving position. One can avoid this type of pain by practicing the proper strengthening exercises, stretches.
  • Plantar Fasciitis : It is a considerably significant injury occurs in active sportspersons. The primary cause for this is the repetitive stress and strain on the feet. The pain is caused by improper footwear and poor walking technique. Athletes with flat feet or who is continuously standing for work purpose are prone to have plantar fasciitis than others. According to expert’s knowledge, the best way to overcome the pain and stiffness in pain is to move the foot over the small and round surface (for example a golf ball). The activity increases the fascia and aids in reducing the soreness and stiffness of plantar fasciitis.

The best way to circumvent getting injured is to end thinking about the damage. Every player should concentrate more on the game and less on the injury. One must focus more on the game, exercises like stretching, have a proper diet and consult a professional physiotherapist at regular intervals.

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